From Digital Audio Synthesis to Folly Design, I craft unique taylor-designed audio that is both compelling to the screen necessities and developing a bold identity of the IP.


Branding nowadays goes beyond a Logo, an animated intro, color scheme, etc. Having an audio identity and sharing the main discourse of a certain brand is imperative in the contemporary needs of any given Industry


Unity and Unreal Engine Scripting, designing Audio Focused Flowcharts, UML and coding is part of my everyday activities. Audio and Music integration made in the main Game Engines allows the product's immersive experience to be compelling, a highly polished sensation and optimizes both Storage and Performance of any given product. (Also, it reduces cost!)


I offer high quality vocal tracking and character development through voice acting and a detailed post production



Data driven

I analyze and compare the current industry trends with the project's needs and incorporate it all into my creative process.

This is specially good to keep in line with the visual target and the project's direction.

realistic sound

I use both real and virtual instruments as well as top of the line DAWs. By doing so, the auditory experience has a much more immersive and cinematic quality to it.

meaningful melodies

In order to realize my compositions, I utilize ideas and emotions to their fullest, then transfer that energy into the execution. Rather than simply creating music based on guidelines, I make sure to involve myself deeply with the project by understanding all the available media and documentation, as well as communicating effectively with the creative team.

taylor made samples

To support what´s happening on screen as effectively as possible, I design every SFX that plays in my music giving each piece its own unique style that is made from scratch to fit in with the product.

Design thinking

My methodology allows me to produce results quickly in order to allow for fast revisions. This makes it easy to work with teams, deliver in time and fulfill expectations.